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How often are International Combines held?

SPI-WPSL Combines are held once/year in different locations around the country. The plan calls for us to hold two combines; one the East Coast and one on the West Coast starting in 2025.

How are the combines structured?

The previous combines only provided player field evaluations. Starting in 2022 at the event held in Manchester, Vermont, Duke Medical began adding performance testing for all our participants. These tests serve our players well as they work to enhance their soccer resume.

Are the combine games/scrimmages live streamed?

There are up to 3 games/scrimmages per International Combine event. All the games are uploaded for future access by any of our participants. These recordings are sent to teams/clubs of our players choosing when looking to be rostered internationally. It is our hope that the upcoming combine will be “live-streamed” on Saturday, December 16th.

How old do you have to be to participate in a combine?

Players MUST be 18 year or older at the time of the event. Seventeen-year-old players may petition the WPSL Director of International Programs ( for possible acceptance. No one younger than 17 years old will be accepted.

Can players attend the combine late due to prior commitments?

We strongly discourage this as we feel that players need to be there the entire event to gain maximum knowledge and be properly evaluated. Some exceptions can be made and they must be sent in writing to our Director of International Programs, Andy Vera at


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