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Nov 3 2023

SICS TV To Play Significant Role at Combine!

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Considered footballs “technical HUB” by many professional coaches, SICS TV will provide this year’s international combine participants a place to “be seen”! SICS TV will be utilized for in-depth analysis of combine matches and players. According to Michele Crestani, President/CEO of SICS SRL, “it allows coaches and scouts to drill deep for insights and allows them to make informed assessments…you can examine specific matches, evaluate team performance, or analyze individual players all in one place.”

International Combine Video Technicians will record the three planned scrimmages to be uploaded to the SICS server. At that point the SICS Video Analysts, comprising of UEFA “A” and UEFA “Pro” Coaches will go to work analyzing players and uploading profiles. The end result will be ability for all our participants to watch their performance and share with potential teams interested in rostering them for league play. The games will be accessible to clubs and federations around the globe via a simple link.

To all our participants we say, “the world will be seeing you soon”.


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